Timed Test Free App Reviews

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Bit counterintuitive at first but then very useful app

Very useful

Love it.

Keeps me coming back everyday. Great variety!!!!

Timed or not you can decide

Love it ! All kids all learn differently and this app allows you to move your students along at the pace that is just right for each of your students. Best I've seen. I'm buying the paid version!

What a great app!

This app does a great job tracking the student's progress.

Very helpful

This is a great app. It helps that the ranges can be adjusted at the child progresses.

Great App

Great for adults who want to brush up on their math skills!

Super app for learning addition and no ads

My kids learned their addition math facts with this app, then we moved them to subtraction, multiplication, and division with Timed Test Arcade. Great series of apps.

Great way to improve addition fluency

App is a good way to help students improve their addition fact fluency.

Super way to learn addition

Really well done app that makes learning addition math facts easy.

Fantastic app to help students learn addition math facts

Fantastic app to help learn addition math facts!

Use in my classroom to help students

Great help to my students in gaining math fact fluency.

Great math app!

Great app for learning your math facts!

Timed test arcade

Great job on this product. The tests can be individualized to the needs of the player. In this way the student can be challenged and not overwhelmed. Feed back is provided immediately. You can pick the area you need work on.

Great learning tool

This app continues to help my children improve their math skills. Wonderful tool!

Great app!

I have my 9 year old work on a timed test daily and this is perfect! Easy to control and lots of options.


This app is a fantastic way to build fact fluency! Addition skills can be practiced and help make math facts automatic. This builds a strong foundation in math and helps with future math success. It is really fun to watch skills improve and I love how it shows the speed per problem.

Great app for teachers

This is a great app. Great for use in the classroom. Saves time in preparing practice tests.


Great app. Excellent for teachers like myself who need to keep track of student data.

Perfect app for learning addition

My 3 kids started learning addition with this app and then moved to FormSoft's Timed Test Arcade App. Well done! My children are now top of class on their math facts.

awesome :)

This app is very good. I am a teacher and I use it in the classroom daily. it gives me immediate feedback about the students fact work. it also encourages the students to do their best.

Great job

Well designed check out the offerings they have for education really turns an ipad into an educational tool.

Keeps crashing

This was a great app for students to practice math facts. Since the latest update, it keeps crashing after the student finishes the test. Please fix!

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